Hello, I'm Eric. I'm from North Texas and currently a college student. I'm politically Conservative, stubborn as hell, and a Christian trying to find his way through life. I usually reblog what I think is cool and speak what's on my mind by challenging the first amendment. I'll talk politics (I'm a poli sci major), sports (mostly football and baseball), movies, religion, music (Christian rock and sorts of that or secular rock), or whatever is going on in this adventure called life. Hope you enjoy :)
*disclaimer: I do not own any pictures or videos I post unless I say so. Usually it will be in the form of I MADE THIS LOOK AT ITS AWESOMENESS


Do I buy tickets to The Band Perry concert in Feburary? I would really really like to. Do I buy 2 tickets? Yes I would like to not be alone. Do I give the other ticket to my best friend? Well, seeing how the concert is the Saturday after Valentine’s Day and my best friend is a woman, that may or may not come across as more than my actual intention. It shouldn’t, but it could.

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